Second Chance
Season 1, Episode 23
Air date March 2, 1964
Written by Lin Dane (teleplay & story)
Lou Morheim (teleplay)
Directed by Paul Stanley
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Specimen: Unknown

Second Chance is the 23th episode of the original The Outer Limits television show. It aired on March 2, 1964, during the first season.


Opening narrationEdit

"When fear is too terrible, when reality is too agonizing, we seek escape in manufactured danger, in the thrills and pleasures of pretending-in the amusement parks of our unamusing world. Here, in frantic pretending, Man finds escape and temporary peace, and goes home tired enough to sleep a short, deep sleep. But what happens here when night comes? When pretending ends, and reality begins?"


Closing narrationEdit

This episode has no closing narration.



Cinematographer - Kenneth Peach

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